*Stevie Wonder, (v2), Los Angeles, CA, 1974
© Al Satterwhite

*Stevie Wonder, (v2), Los Angeles, CA, 1974

By Al Satterwhite
About the image

August 30, 1974, Stevie rehearsing on his piano in Los Angeles for an upcoming concert.

"I photographed Stevie Wonder during a rehearsal session in Los Angeles not far from the Hyatt House where we met up. He was most gracious during the session and I tried several different angles finally moving in really close with a 16mm extreme wide angle lens inches from his fingers on the keyboard. Using large powerful electronic flash pointed into white umbrella reflectors I was able to light him while keeping the background very dark. You can just make out some of the electronic controls in the background." -- Al Satterwhite

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*Stevie Wonder, (v2), Los Angeles, CA, 1974
*Stevie Wonder, (v2), Los Angeles, CA, 1974