Albane Navizet

French born former model and actress, Albane Navizet became a photographer by 'accident' in the summer of 1978, when her then husband gave her a Nikon camera as a gift, and photography became her 'instant passion'.

Albane took her first images to French ELLE, who immediately saw that she had a special, breathtaking relationship with the camera. Timing being everything, soon she was on assignment taking portraits of celebrities for French, Italian, and English magazines.

Albane moved to Los Angeles in 1980, and fell in love with the city. She went on to shoot A-list celebrities such as Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Andy McDowell, Henry Kissinger, Jacques Cousteau, Shirley MacLaine, John Huston, Kim Basinger, and many more.

Quincy Jones has said, "Only a French woman with the heart of a poet, an eye for the magnificence of each individual and the technique of a master photographer could have produced this work. "

"Albane Navizet has a sharp grace that penetrates the appearance of things. Each of her portraits has a charge. None is empty of soul or intensity," wrote Pierre Rey.

Albane simply says, "My purpose always has been to capture the beauty, sensuality and intimacy of my subjects."

This epitomizes Albane's deep and personal connection with her subjects---a quality that elevates her work above many of her peers.