Elia Kazan, Paris 1980
© Albane Navizet

Elia Kazan, Paris 1980

By Albane Navizet
About the image
“Please thank the photographer for me--- that’s the best picture of my life,” Mr. Kazan said in a call to French Elle. I was honored. All I did was to ask him if he would be comfortable wearing something other than the polo shirt he had on with his slacks.

I thought his appearance looked blasé in the décor of his balcony at the magnificent Hotel Crillon, place de la Concorde, in Paris. He changed into a 3 piece suit and it was perfect. I wanted Elia Kazan to fit with the majestic walls---Paris at his feet, and that brought this serious look on his face. 

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Elia Kazan, Paris 1980
Elia Kazan, Paris 1980