Legacy Nude #02, Pink Hat
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Legacy Nude #02, Pink Hat

By Alberto Vargas
About the image

Radiant and sublime, the woman with the pink hat sleekly stretches out in the breathtaking fullness of the moment. A stirring and resplendent piece completed in 1948. In the 1950s, a visiting physician caused Vargas great pleasure by remarking on the anatomical accuracy exhibited in this work. 

Seen as a favorite pose of Vargas's, this painting is based on a drawing rendered for a 1943 issue of Esquire Magazine.

The Legacy Nudes:

This series consists of twelve spectacular paintings that Alberto Vargas created over a period of several years in order to demonstrate his exceptional abilities. He once said that these paintings were "the best I can do."

Vargas' achievements with capturing light, shading, and tone with watercolor and airbrush in the Legacy Nudes were unprecedented. These exquisite representations of the female form have a dramatic visual impact and their lifelike appearance leaves a delightful impression that is sure to impress any viewer. They are an extraordinary artistic accomplishment.

Upon the completion of the last painting in 1956, they were set aside, not to be released in his lifetime, in order to create a legacy to support his beloved wife Anna Mae in the case of his death. Sadly, she predeceased Alberto, and these treasured paintings became his personal gifts to their heirs instead.

Release Notes:
The Limited Edition Legacy Nudes Collection includes twelve impeccable lithographs of these masterpieces. Click the link to see the group represented here on our site. Please contact us for a complete PDF catalogue of all twelve pieces.

These beautiful museum-quality continuous-tone lithograph prints were printed in two different versions (as separate editions) with distinct finishes. Please use both the CHOOSE A SIZE and CHOOSE A VERSION buttons below to see the details, pricing, and availability for each one.

  • The Arches Edition was printed on ARCHES Watercolor paper, an archival, 100% cotton paper with a matte finish, and used by professional artists for centuries.

  • The Deluxe Edition was printed on a patented archival paper called Opalesque which has a surface that emulates the look and feel of silk.

Collector's Notes:
This fine art print was published in San Francisco in cooperation with the heirs of Alberto Vargas. All Vargas prints bear the official estate seal in the form of a silkscreened signature and are hand-numbered. 

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

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Legacy Nude #02, Pink Hat
Legacy Nude #02, Pink Hat