Lifetime Print - Nita Naldi, 1980
© Alberto Vargas/Max Vargas Estate

Lifetime Print - Nita Naldi, 1980

By Alberto Vargas
About the image
With her green feline eyes, "Nita Naldi," Ziegfeld Follies performer and star of the silent screen, once set the heart of Rudolph Valentino on fire. In this portrait, the actress also seems to bring life to a stone statue of Pan. This piece was originally painted from life and appeared modified in Shadowland magazine in the 1920s.  

The original painting that this image is based on was produced in 1923.

Release Notes:
In 1980 Vargas was invited to produce a series of limited edition lithographs of a number of his early paintings. Agreegment was reached and he chose five of his favorite Ziegfeld period beauties to be published.

A total of 1,000 prints were authorized, 500 designated for domestic distribution and 500 for international release. None of these were signed by Vargas, rather they were signed by an authorized representative as a "Proxy Signature".

After the main edition was finalized, the publishers approached Vargas to personally hand-sign 50 additional prints designated as Artist Proofs. He agreed and thus he created the only limited edition "Artist Signed" prints by Alberto Vargas. 

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Lifetime Print - Nita Naldi, 1980
Lifetime Print - Nita Naldi, 1980

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