Sheer Elegance
© Alberto Vargas/Hearst Corporation

Sheer Elegance

By Alberto Vargas
About the image
Beautiful. Statuesque. Dramatic. "Sheer Elegance" is one of the most universally appealing images we have ever published. Loved by both men and women alike, she expresses elevated mood. While simply an image of a lovely woman striking a pose, "Sheer Elegance" also symbolizes the romance, sophistication, and strength that women embody. 

Release Notes:
This image was printed in two different editions to offer a choice of finishes.
  • The Arches Edition was printed on ARCHES Watercolor paper, an archival, 100% cotton paper used by professional artists for centuries.
  • The Deluxe Edition was printed on a patented archival paper called Opalesque which has a surface that emulates the look and feel of silk.
Collector's Notes:
Originally published in the Esquire Calendar for September, 1941.

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Sheer Elegance
Sheer Elegance