Study of a Reclining Nude Blonde, 1973
© Alberto Vargas/Max Vargas Estate

Study of a Reclining Nude Blonde, 1973

By Alberto Vargas
About the image

This is an original colored pencil drawing on tracing paper which served as the basis for the final design that appeared in the October, 1973 issue of Playboy Magazine. This nude young woman is stretched out, propped up by her arms and tilting her face to the sky, as if basking in the warm glow of the sun.  Her eyes are closed and her smile is big and relaxed, as though taking a deep breath of fresh air.

It features hand-written notes from Alberto Vargas.

Collector's Notes:
This is a preliminary drawing used to propose a new Vargas Girl for an upcoming edition of Playboy Magazine.  

For each published piece, Vargas would first sketch a preliminary design such as this one for approval. He would ship several to Playboy's main offices where Hugh Hefner and the Art Directors would review each one. Once approved, they would be returned to Vargas and he would then use them to create an entirely new finished artwork for use in the magazine. 

Although these drawings are not typically signed - as they are working designs rather than finished pieces - they do often feature handwriting from Alberto Vargas and/or notes from Playboy's Art Directors (Art Paul or Reid Austin) regarding colors, accessories, positioning etc. Occasionally Hugh Hefner has personally initialed and dated the piece, giving his final approval for the magazine.

These drawings are magnificent artifacts from the process of publishing the legendary Vargas Girl.

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22" x 30" Artwork Size
Pencil & colored pencil drawing
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Study of a Reclining Nude Blonde, 1973
Study of a Reclining Nude Blonde, 1973

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