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By Alberto Vargas
About the image
This unique and stunning print presents two complementary views of Alberto’s lovely wife, Anna Mae. Painted separately, each portrait was a masterful solo work by Vargas. Arranged into a single limited edition composition, the two images yield a visual harmony of watercolor hues - a symphony of feminine grace and elegance.
Collectors notes
Originally published in the Esquire Calendar for November, 1941 (Left) and November, 1942 (Right).

PLEASE NOTE: This image was printed in two different editions to offer a choice of finishes. 

The “Arches Edition” was printed on ARCHES® Watercolor paper, an archival, 100% cotton paper used by professional artists for centuries. 

The “Deluxe Edition” was printed on a patented archival paper called Opalesque which has a surface that emulated the look and feel of silk.
Total price: $1,500.00