Marilyn Monroe "Untitled Mood", near Mailbu, CA, 1946
© Andre de Dienes / MUUS Collection

Marilyn Monroe "Untitled Mood", near Mailbu, CA, 1946

By Andre de Dienes
About the image
A young Marilyn Monroe - then Norma Jeane Baker - poses outside, wearing a blanket around her shoulders at a beach near Malibu, CA in 1946.

The Mood Series:
"One day when we were relaxing on the beach between photo sessions, I decided to capture some new expressions I had glimpsed on Marilyn's face. Getting her in close-up, I asked her to react instinctively, without giving herself time to think, to the words happiness, surprise, reflection, doubt, peace of mind, sadness, self-torment...and death."
-- Andre de Dienes quoted from Marilyn Mon Amour (St. Martin's Press, 1985)

Release Notes:
Andre de Dienes printed his original museum-quality photographs until his death in 1985. He left a small archive of photographs in a variety of sizes (8" x 10" sheet size to 20" x 24" sheet size) which are now available here for purchase. Supplies are extremely limited.

Collector's Notes:
All available works were printed during the artist’s lifetime, there are no posthumous prints. Both signed and unsigned examples may be available. Each piece is uniquely marked with annotations, stamps, and signatures. Please keep in mind that these are vintage prints, so they may show some signs of wear and age.

Prices on de Dienes archive photographs start at $2,300 (unsigned) and vary depending on the image in question, size, condition, and signature status.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

Please contact us with any questions, or for information on any other pieces that may be available.

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Marilyn Monroe "Untitled Mood", near Mailbu, CA, 1946
Marilyn Monroe "Untitled Mood", near Mailbu, CA, 1946

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