Barbara McQueen


Barbara McQueen was an Oregon farm girl turned world class fashion model – known as Barbara Minty – when she met Steve McQueen in 1977. Roughly half his age, Barbara enjoyed a life outside of Hollywood with the maverick star, who'd mostly left the spotlight behind to pursue his passions for motorcycles, antique airplanes and vintage pick-up trucks, in which the couple would tour around America. She was by his side till his death.

She is now also the author of Steve McQueen — The Last Mile (Dalton Watson Fine Books, 2007). The book documents her three-and-a-half year relationship with the movie icon, and includes candid shots from 1977 to 1980 - McQueen's years out of the spotlight. It chronicles Barbara's early history and modeling career; her years with McQueen at Trancas Beach and Santa Paula, California, as well as behind-the-scene photographs on the sets of his last films Tom Horn and The Hunter.

Alongside the book, she also curated a selection of these photographs to release as hand-signed, limited edition original photographs - realizing that the millions of Steve McQueen fans and collectors would appreciate this never-before-seen side of the Hollywood legend.

SFAE hosted the world premiere exhibition of Barbi’s photographs in May of 2007. Nearly 40 beautiful and cherished photographs of Steve McQueen were displayed in a visual storytelling of his final years. “The idea of having a photo exhibit has been a long-time dream of mine,” said Barbara McQueen. “And the perfect place to host such an exhibit is in the city where Steve filmed Bullitt.”

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