Bob Dylan, BBC TV Studios, London, 1965
© Barrie Wentzell

Bob Dylan, BBC TV Studios, London, 1965

By Barrie Wentzell
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"Bob was rehearsing for a live TV show during his Don’t Look Back tour. I happened to be with The Pretty Things at the Beeb Canteen and there he was sitting a few feet away. I never had any idols, but Mr. Dylan had changed the times for us. He was the biggest influence on us Brits since Elvis. He was hanging out during a break from rehearsals so I asked if I could shoot some pictures; and in his very Bob way wearing a big smile, he said, “... you can shoot yourself if you want to... sure it’s cool, carry on,”so I did. I later snuck in and photographed the rest of the rehearsal unimpeded. That evening I went along to see the show in a small studio with only about 100 others. A unique, intimate, and wonderful time was had by all."

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Bob Dylan, BBC TV Studios, London, 1965
Bob Dylan, BBC TV Studios, London, 1965