Paul & Balthazar Getty, 1979
© Carinthia West

Paul & Balthazar Getty, 1979

By Carinthia West
About the image
John Paul and his wife Martine Getty were friends of mine who lived in San Francisco. They had two children, Balthazar and Anna. Balthazar is now a well-known actor, but when this photo was taken he was just a four-year-old kid. Balthazar picked up this cocktail parasol to pose with.

Paul himself, had risen above some terrible afflictions, having been kidnapped and had his ear cut off as a ransom threat when he was 17. A drug-overdose caused him to have a stroke, which left him disabled for the rest of his life. He passed away in February 2011. This is such a happy, innocent picture, taken before all those events. That is the Paul I remember. 

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Paul & Balthazar Getty, 1979
Paul & Balthazar Getty, 1979