California Dreaming
© Henry Diltz

California Dreaming

By Genesis Publications
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With over 500 photographs and a 96,000-word text from 48 legendary contributors, California Dreaming is not only a retrospective book of America's pre-eminent rock photographer, Henry Diltz, it is the defining record of an era, as told by those who were at its center.

As a folk musician living in Laurel Canyon and a friend to the musician elite, Henry was party to the burgeoning LA music scene and was able to capture the magic of a brief and bright moment in the history of rock music. 

Graham Nash: "If you've ever wanted to 'experience' the Sixties, this is the place to start your journey.... What a long, strange trip it was..."

Release Notes:
COLLECTOR'S EDITION - 1650 copies (of the 2000 produced) - SOLD OUT

  • Signed by Henry Diltz
  • Binding - Quarter calfskin leather and denim, with gilded page edging and gilt tooling
  • Box - Cloth-covered slipcase, reproduced from a vintage tie-dye sample created by John Sebastian
  • Extras - CD 'Highway 70'

DELUXE EDITION - 350 copies (of the 2000 produced) - SOLD OUT

  • Signed by Henry Diltz
  • Binding - Full leather, with gilt tooling and gilded page edging
  • Box - Housed in a gilt-blocked and silk-screened box
  • Extras - Three 8"x10" photographic prints signed by Henry Diltz, and CD 'Highway 70'

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California Dreaming
California Dreaming

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