Golden Dreams, 1996
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Golden Dreams, 1996

By Genesis Publications
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Golden Dreams is a photographic journey that tells the story of accompanying The Beatles during the filming of A Hard Day's Night in Liverpool, 1964. The limited edition book presents Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler's previously unpublished pictures of The Beatles, the Liverpool music scene's early-60s explosion, and the phenomenon of the Merseybeat.

Astrid Kirchherr: "These photos were taken in the spring of 1964. It's a time that will always belong to The Beatles. No other journalists were allowed next to them at that time. They were so busy that Brian Epstein had ruled that they should not be bothered by the press. So Max and I were very lucky: they were good to Max and they treated me as they always had, like an old friend." 

Release Notes:
Limited to just 2,500 individually numbered copies, each limited edition copy is personally signed by Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler.
Master-printed in black and gold, this exquisite volume is hand-bound in black buckram and housed in a two-colour, silk-screened slipcase.

The book will come with a choice of portrait (either 'Paul', 'George', or 'Ringo') to be inset onto the front cover of your book.

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Golden Dreams, 1996
Golden Dreams, 1996