Hamburg Days, 1999
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Hamburg Days, 1999

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A signed, two-volume, limited edition set, Hamburg Days presents The Beatles as seen through the photographs of Astrid Kirchherr and the art of Klaus Voormann.

With a foreword by George Harrison, an afterword by Paul McCartney and commissioned artworks and recollections (over 80,000 words and more than 250 photographs, watercolors, drawings and paintings) Hamburg Days is a memoir of the years between 1960-1963, when Kirchherr, Voormann and the young Liverpool lads first met. 

Klaus was part of a group of The Beatles' friends in Hamburg. Now he has made some 'memory drawings' of our Hamburg days which are not only beautiful drawings in themselves, but which capture the spirit of the times. The really good thing about Klaus, his drawings, and this book, however, is that - unlike many other people – he was actually there! – Paul McCartney"

Release Notes:
Collector's Edition - Two-volume boxed set

Volume 1 - This 228-page volume presents Klaus Voormann and Astrid Kirchherr's story in more than 80,000 words, with drawings by Voormann and the complete collection of Kirchherr's Hamburg photographs. 

Volume 2 - The 72-page second volume presents, complete with large folding plates, reproductions of the Hamburg Days paintings with associated artwork and commentary.

Limited to 2250 copies, co-signed by Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voormann. 
A lithographed solander box, complete with metal name plate, houses both volumes.

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Hamburg Days, 1999
Hamburg Days, 1999