That Lucky Old Sun
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That Lucky Old Sun

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That Lucky Old Sun is a portfolio set that includes a book, a 12-piece limited edition print suite, a CD and several other extras - created as a collaboration between one of the most influential composers of our time, Brian Wilson, and one of the world's most-loved Pop artists, Sir Peter Blake. These portfolios are limited to 1000 pieces and are signed by both Brian Wilson and Sir Peter Blake.

The numbered book, hand-signed by Brian and Peter, includes illustrated new interviews with Brian and an essay by noted author Harvey Kubernik. Brian speaks at length about his life and work today, reflecting on his compositions and inspirations.

Sir Peter Blake describes the imagery in his own words, saying 'This artwork is about Brian looking at somewhere like Venice Beach. It's Brian's California, which I'm very happy to make visual.' Created using vintage postcards, photographs, cuttings and other ephemera, Peter's collages are a celebration of Brian's life and Southern California. Peter explains, 'In some of Brian's earlier songs he was using sounds the same way. "Caroline, No", ends with the sound of a passing train and then a dog barking in the distance. It's very much a "sound collage" and this is a similar way of working.'

Each piece is hand-screened with over 20 individual inks, Peter retained an exceptional degree of involvement. From his selection of inks, to affect the transparency and palette of achievable colour, to his final glaze, each of Peter's serigraphs is in effect an original work, rather than a reproduction. The 12 new artworks are published as individual plates with a preface by Peter who describes the work in his own words.

That Lucky Old Sun was first performed at the Royal Festival Hall, London, in 2007. A year later it was developed in the studio. 'I wanted to put together a concept album,' Brian explains; and the result was hailed as a 'masterpiece' by The Times. This latest incarnation takes inspiration from Brian's original theme: a celebration of his life set against a moving tribute to his home state. 

Midnight's Another Day Facsimile - For That Lucky Old Sun, Brian's hand-written lyrics and sheet music to his new track are published in a 3-page facsimile. The three prints are ready for framing and presented in a bespoke envelope. The song has, Brian says, 'a spiritual message.'

The edition would not be complete without one of the first CD pressings of the album, a copy of which is included in every boxed set.

Also included is an original laminate VIP pass, saved from the first live performances of That Lucky Old Sun. It is attached by a ribbon, as a bookmark.

Collector's Notes:
The collection is safely preserved within a hand-crafted box, made in Italy and bound in two cloths - colours of which represent the hues of the Californian sky. The box is decoratively blocked in silver and gold foils with a portrait of Brian inset on the inside cover.

Bound in rich Italian cloth, the gilded case encloses 12 hand-pulled original prints, with an accompanying fine-bound book signed by both artists. 

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That Lucky Old Sun
That Lucky Old Sun