A Custom Commissioned Artwork
© Gerald Scarfe

A Custom Commissioned Artwork

Mixed Media
By Gerald Scarfe
About the image

The artwork featured here is a prime example of an original canvas diptych commission created by Gerald Scarfe featuring iconic imagery from Pink Floyd The Wall.

By far the most cost-effective way to own original artwork by a famed artist of Rock & Roll - a commissioned piece brings the best of two worlds together. You can own an iconic image from the renowned Pink Floyd: The Wall production, that is a hand-painted authentic original, but at a more accessible price compared to the vintage artifacts that were created during the process in the 1970s-1980s.

CLICK HERE to see Gerald describe this incredible opportunity in his own words!

Commissions will be created after detailed discussions and parameters are defined and a proof or preliminary design is approved by you.

Important parameters that should be considered include:

Medium - Artworks range from pen & ink drawings on paper with a watercolor wash, to full blown original oils on canvas.

Size -  These can vary from a single 20” x 24” piece to epic triptychs (3 pieces meant to hang together as a single composition) which can measure up to 20’ across overall.

Complexity  - This is somewhat subjective but there are at least a dozen iconic characters and motifs to consider including in your piece such as: The Teacher, The Mother, Pink himself, The Wall, The Marching Hammers, The Judge, The Wife, The Germanic Eagle, and The Frightened Ones among others.

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A Custom Commissioned Artwork
A Custom Commissioned Artwork

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