Education For What? No Jobs!, 1981
© Gerald Scarfe

Education For What? No Jobs!, 1981

By Gerald Scarfe
About the image
Scarfe’s pedigree as a political cartoonist was apparent in the creation of this image, which – like The Teacher – was intended to reinforce the jaundiced view of the education system that is central to The Wall.

“This was one of a series of drawings that I made for a sequence in the film which illustrated the plight of certain schoolchildren in council schools who were being educated for the lower rungs of society. I made drawings showing them being herded through a maze onto conveyor belts, and eventually into a mincer where they would be ground out into worms - yes, I know, it’s weird!”

Exhibition Notes:
The Art of Gerald Scarfe From Pink Floyd The Wall, July 2017, San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.

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Watercolour & Caran d’Ache on Black Paper
20 1⁄2" x 30 3⁄4“ Paper size

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Education For What? No Jobs!, 1981
Education For What? No Jobs!, 1981

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