One Of The Frightened Ones, 1981
© Gerald Scarfe

One Of The Frightened Ones, 1981

By Gerald Scarfe
About the image
This design was one of a series that Scarfe prepared when he was creating the animation to accompany ‘Goodbye Blue Skies’ in the Pink Floyd The Wall movie.

“It depicts one of The Frightened Ones, the troglodyte figures who live below ground in corrugated-iron air-raid shelters, venturing out only when the all-clear siren sounds. 

Having lived through the horrors of the London bombing during WW II, I had clear memories of those times. I had to run for the cellar of our house when the siren sounded, and had the claustrophobic experience of having to put on a gas mask. I was able to draw on this when I wanted to create a vulnerable, naked creature with a gas-mask head to represent the Frightened Ones. This is one of the prototypes for that figure.”

Artwork Notes:
This image was also included in the "Black Book" used to pitch the film to MGM executives.

Exhibition Notes:
The Art of Gerald Scarfe From Pink Floyd The Wall, July 2017, San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.

Collector's Notes:
PLEASE NOTE: Gerald Scarfe retains all copyright and reproduction rights to this image.

Crayon & Caran d’Ache on Black Paper
23 1⁄2” x 33” sheet size - SOLD

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One Of The Frightened Ones, 1981
One Of The Frightened Ones, 1981

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