The Gross Inflatable Pig, 1990
© Gerald Scarfe

The Gross Inflatable Pig, 1990

By Gerald Scarfe
About the image
Scarfe adapted the famous inflatable pig that appeared over Battersea Power Station in London in 1976, for the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals LP, into something altogether more menacing. 

“To mark the demolition of the Berlin Wall, Roger staged an epic concert at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. There, supported by the German and  Russian Armies, he put on a gigantic version of The Wall. Actors were employed as characters in the story and the wall itself stretched across the whole of Potsdamer Platz. We needed a much more evil and gross incarnation of the famous Pink Floyd pig, which had originally escaped over Battersea Power Station, so I made this drawing in my London studio.”

Pen & Ink on Paper
26 1⁄2” x 33 1⁄2” sheet size - SOLD

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The Gross Inflatable Pig, 1990
The Gross Inflatable Pig, 1990

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