Beyond Wonderland Suite, 2015
© Grace Slick

Beyond Wonderland Suite, 2015

By Grace Slick
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All 15 prints in a matched-number suite.  A portion of each of the individual editions of XC have been reserved to be sold only in these complete suites.

In a rapidly changing world, these characters have decided that they want to go beyond Wonderland...The desire to venture out into other worlds and stories where they can befriend their fellow animated icons.  After all, what's so strange about Alice and the White Rabbit visiting Dorothy and Toto in Oz?

In a parallel universe, these Wonderland characters are in a mild state of rebellion and want to be free to mingle with others.  Long a taboo, this crossover visitation represents the push for diversity and tolerance on all levels.

Collector's Note:
These are 15 separate, signed, limited edition prints on canvas, they come pre-stretched and can be hung with or without frames.

Various sub-groupings can also be arranged, please contact us with questions.

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Beyond Wonderland Suite, 2015
Beyond Wonderland Suite, 2015