King of Hearts, 2015
© Grace Slick

King of Hearts, 2015

By Grace Slick
About the image
This King of Hearts was created for Grace Slick's Beyond Wonderland series for which she has taken another look at the Wonderland universe and expanded upon the characters within.  In the actual story, the King (Consort) plays a much softer role than the Queen, reminding her that Alice is only a child when she threatens to have her executed. He is still immature, vain, and reckless like the Queen, so Grace has painted him as a rotund caricature in the nude, admiring himself in a fancy hand-mirror.

Release Note:
This is a signed, limited edition print on canvas, it comes pre-stretched and can be hung with or without a frame.

Collector's Note:
Grace Slick has effectively retired from producing new prints, so many of her limited editions are now sold out, or are becoming extremely rare. Each piece that is still available is hand-signed and numbered by Grace and can be shipped from California within a few days following purchase.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following the delivery of their artwork. Please contact us with questions!

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King of Hearts, 2015
King of Hearts, 2015

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