Debbie Harry at the Ritz, London, 1981
© Janette Beckman

Debbie Harry at the Ritz, London, 1981

By Janette Beckman
About the image
“Debbie Harry at the Ritz Hotel in London, 1981. This was used on the cover of Melody Maker in 1981. I enjoyed shooting her, she gave me a cup of tea and was shy and lovely. I had seen a lot of pictures of her, and she had kind of looked beautiful. But I walked into the hotel room, and she was just sitting there in the window and she looked so fragile and kind of just unbelievably beautiful, sitting there in the daylight in this window. So I just took this picture, and she’s just leaning against the window, watching the whole city. She looked to me in the eye, I took the picture. I really loved this because a lot of the pictures of her that you see, she’s really super made up and looks almost Barbie-like. I think this really shows her kind of fresh, yet fragile-ness.”

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Debbie Harry at the Ritz, London, 1981
Debbie Harry at the Ritz, London, 1981