NWA - Dr Dre, Torrance, CA, 1990
© Janette Beckman

NWA - Dr Dre, Torrance, CA, 1990

By Janette Beckman
About the image
“I was doing my first book called Rap: Portraits and Lyrics in a Generation of Black Rockers, which I did with Bill Adler. He’s the author, and I did the photos. I’d wanted to go to L.A. to get some of the West Coast beats, and this was around 1990. So I took a trip out there, and I knew I had to get NWA because they’d just come out with the “Fuck The Police” song, and they were really happening. So I found out where they were, they were recording in this studio in Torrance, and I got permission to go over there. So I just had each person find a little spot in this alley, and Dre’s just casually leaning against this wall. I think I took three shots in all to get this and I really love it, because he really looks like he’s just kind of hanging out, you know, as you do in South Central. Then I actually flagged down a police car on the street, and got the whole group to pose in front of a police car.”

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NWA - Dr Dre, Torrance, CA, 1990
NWA - Dr Dre, Torrance, CA, 1990