Duane Allman, San Francisco, 1970
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Duane Allman, San Francisco, 1970

By Jim Marshall
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American guitarist Duane Allman, was the founder and leader of the Allman Brothers Band. His guitar tone, achieved with a Gibson Les Paul and two 50-watt bass Marshall amplifiers, helped rank him as the second greatest guitarist of all time in Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists in 2003. 

Jim Marshall met up with him before a gig and captured him here through the doorway to the bathroom of San Francisco's Holiday Inn, afterward they went to dinner at Jim's mother's house. 

Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident in October of 1971, shortly after another visit to San Francisco. In his first book, which was dedicated to Duane among others, Jim said that "the day he died, I walked the streets of San Francisco for about fourteen hours. This is a kid who makes me cry, and I still do sometimes when I look at this picture." 

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Duane Allman, San Francisco, 1970
Duane Allman, San Francisco, 1970

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