Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament, San Francisco, 1962
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Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament, San Francisco, 1962

By Jim Marshall
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Once the peace symbol spread to America and was adopted by the anti-war movement, "the motif was impossible to contain: without ever losing its political potentcy, the symbol was soon an all-purpose signifier of peace, love and unity among the hippie-movement." - Peter Doggett from PEACE (Reel Art Press 2017).

Jim Marshall Peace Series
Jim Marshall adored street photography, and pursued several personal projects in between official assignments. One such project was documenting the evolution of the CND peace symbol as it morphed from a specifically "No Nukes" context into a broader, more universal symbol that represented the key principles of the global counter-cultural/anti-war movement of the 1960s.

Over several years Jim quietly amassed a large number of these images and specifically tabled them in his archives on an index card scrawled with a peace symbol. They remained unseen until 2017 when his estate compiled the images and published them in an award-winning book aptly titled PEACE (Reel Art Press).

Release Note:
The Jim Marshall Peace Series is comprised of 13 images curated by the estate for release as fine art limited edition photographs. Each piece is available individually, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing multiple pieces in match-numbered sets.

This is a Limited Edition Estate Photograph produced by Jim Marshall Photography LLC in one size only. Each Estate edition is carefully selected from Jim's massive personal archive of over 1 million negatives. There is intentionally no crossover with any previously available photographs that Jim produced during his lifetime.

Collector's Notes:
Jim Marshall's Estate Photographs are printed to order in San Francisco. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Each museum-quality photograph will be hand-numbered, and bears the official estate seal on the reverse.

Buyers will also receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery.

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Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament, San Francisco, 1962
Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament, San Francisco, 1962