The Rolling Stones Onstage (Mick Dancing), 1972
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The Rolling Stones Onstage (Mick Dancing), 1972

By Jim Marshall
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Mick Jagger dances onstage during a performance from 1972. The Stones were touring in support of their new album, Exile on Main St., released on May 12 of that year. 

Jim Marshall photographed the Rolling Stones 1972 American Tour (A.K.A. "Stones Touring Party" or "STP") on special assignment for Life Magazine. Marshall joined the Stones that year both before they embarked, while they were in the recording studio putting the finishing touches on their landmark double album Exile on Main Street, and then again during the West Coast leg as they kicked off this blockbuster US Tour.

Jim Marshall Rolling Stones 1972:

For the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary in 2012, Jim Marshall Photography LLC published a book of Jim’s photographs from their 1972 tour and released a selection of previously unavailable Rolling Stones photographs for collectors.

In 2022, on the 60th anniversary of the band, and the 50th anniversary of this legendary tour, Jim Marshall Photography LLC has reissued the book with more imagery and new essays by Anton Corbijn and Nikki Sixx.

Collector's Note:

This is a signed photograph. Jim Marshall’s iconic photographs are now extraordinarily rare, as very few were printed and signed at the time of his passing. A small inventory is still held by the estate. Please contact us for pricing and availability.  

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The Rolling Stones Onstage (Mick Dancing), 1972
The Rolling Stones Onstage (Mick Dancing), 1972

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