Karl Ferris


Karl Ferris is an English photographer and designer, best known as the principal innovator of 'psychedelic' photography. A photographer to the 'British Rock Elite' - Eric Clapton, Cream, Donovan, The Hollies and Jimi Hendrix - Ferris was invited, as a style consultant and their personal photographer, to help create their public images. He was given an insider's access to the 'Experience' that helped define the look of the 1960s and influence youth culture and lifestyles worldwide.

Karl Ferris specialised in album covers and shot the images that were used to create the covers of all three studio albums for The Jimi Hendrix Experience's US releases. These include 'Are You Experienced' , 'Axis: Bold as Love', (his photograph was used to create the illustration) and 'Electric Ladyland' . He also created Donovan's 'A Gift From a Flower to a Garden' box set.

He took some of the most unforgettable photographs of the 1960’s including eight album covers in 1967, as well as being commissioned to do a multitude of prominent concert posters and magazine features. He also received the compliment of a lifetime when Hendrix remarked to him, on seeing his portfolio, “You’re doing with photography what I’m doing with music – going far out beyond the limits.”​​