The Beatles Playing Pool with Elvis, 1965
© Klaus Voormann

The Beatles Playing Pool with Elvis, 1965

By Klaus Voormann
About the image
This imaginative portrait captures the Beatles with Elvis reflected in the black orb of the 8 ball on a pool table. 

The actual meeting between The Beatles and Elvis Presley occurred on August 27, 1965. The Beatles were on a break from their 1965 US Tour and Elvis was filming a movie, so invited the lads for a visit to his Bel Air mansion. No press were allowed on this occasion, so the only record of this event exists in this format, Klaus Voorman's 'Memory Drawing".

In addition to working on design for the massive Beatles Anthology project beginning in the mid-1990s, Klaus Voorman collaborated with photographer Astrid Kirchherr on a book project called Hamburg Days with Genesis Publications, which focused on each of their respective media, in relation to their histories with The Beatles. Klaus sketched countless "memory drawings" of his experiences with the lads during the process of revisiting so many memories over the years, many of which ended up in the book, or became more refined paintings and illustrations.

Collector's Notes:
This is a one-of-a-kind drawing created during the production of the limited edition fine art book Hamburg Days in 1999, signed by Grammy Award-winning artist Klaus Voormann.

8" x 12" Paper Size
Signed, Original artwork
Pencil Drawing - SOLD

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The Beatles Playing Pool with Elvis, 1965
The Beatles Playing Pool with Elvis, 1965

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