Marilyn Monroe - Pool Scene, May, 1962
© Lawrence Schiller

Marilyn Monroe - Pool Scene, May, 1962

By Lawrence Schiller
About the image

Lawrence Schiller photographed Marilyn Monroe on the set of Something's Got to Give in May and early June (for her birthday) of 1962. Due to multiple conflicts and publicity issues, Marilyn was soon fired from the film. Her co-star Dean Martin then refused to work with anyone else, and she was eventually rehired, given a raise, and returned to the set. Sadly, Marilyn died only a few weeks later, still in the process of shooting her scenes, and the film was never completed.

This scene, had it been released, would have been the first time a major Hollywood star appeared nude on screen in a mainstream film. Marilyn initially planned to wear a bodystocking for the shoot, but instead simply wore only a flesh-toned bikini bottom. After the necessary filming was completed, she posed for the still shots shown here - which she knew would cause a media sensation when published, and ensure her lasting value to the Hollywood studios.

Select images from this session were published in LIFE Magazine in the June 22, 1962 issue.

(Ref# p.17)

Release Notes: 
This piece is part of the Marilyn 12 Collection which was released in conjunction with Lawrence Schiller's book Marilyn 12, published in 2007.

The photographs in this collection are the images that stood out as the most powerful and evocative of Lawrence Schiller's experience with Marilyn Monroe through their short but productive working relationship. At their first meeting in 1960, Larry quickly learned that Marilyn was a talented model, and knew exactly what worked best for her image. By 1962, he discovered that she had taken full control of how she appeared in print, personally reviewing and marking up every proof sheet with the pieces that would have the most impact in the media.

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Marilyn Monroe - Pool Scene, May, 1962
Marilyn Monroe - Pool Scene, May, 1962

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