Patti Smith Portrait, 1975-1979, Mosaic
© Lynn Goldsmith

Patti Smith Portrait, 1975-1979, Mosaic

By Lynn Goldsmith
About the image
A photomosaic of influential pock rocker Patti Smith, created by scanning thousands of images Lynn Goldsmith took over a period of years and then placing them in a grid system created by artist Chuck Close. 

Lynn Goldsmith's mosaics are a wonderful way to enjoy the experience of spending time browsing many different photographs of the favored subject, giving the viewer multitudes of opportunities to see different aspects of the subject's personality in candid moments or posed portraits and experiences like being on and off stage. Then, when viewed from a distance, the result is a remarkable recreation of another portrait taken by Lynn! 

Release Notes:
Each Mosaic Series artwork is produced as a paper print that can be framed like a standard photograph. Lynn can also arrange a custom frame-less mounted option behind plexiglass.

Collector's Note:
For the Mosaic Series - Lynn only produces 10 in each size. The prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on how many have sold from each edition. Please contact us for a quote today!

Signed Limited edition (10) in two sizes
Archival Pigment Print on paper

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Patti Smith Portrait, 1975-1979, Mosaic
Patti Smith Portrait, 1975-1979, Mosaic

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