San Francisco Neon Series, Sincere Cafe, 1980
© Merideth Grierson

San Francisco Neon Series, Sincere Cafe, 1980

By Merideth Grierson
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"What do you look for in a neighborhood eatery? Low prices, of course. A decent menu, naturally. Tolerable atmosphere and hygiene. And long hours. But what about sincerity? Doesn't that count for anything anymore? In a typically mixed-up, cross-cultural San Francisco fashion, this was a no-frills Amer-Asian diner on a main drag of the heavily Hispanic Mission District." - Erik S. McMahon

The San Francisco Neon Series
This series is a tribute to the era of "gas and glass" in San Francisco. In 1980, Merideth Grierson began a color film project chronicling the disappearing neon art of San Francisco. Many of the images in this series were included in a special feature in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine on November 18, 2001. The article was titled "Sign Language; Where Has San Francisco's Neon Gone?” Most of these iconic signs have indeed disappeared or evolved, and the city has lost much of the unique aesthetic of this special art form.

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San Francisco Neon Series, Sincere Cafe, 1980
San Francisco Neon Series, Sincere Cafe, 1980