Muhammad Ali, Shadowboxing, 1977
© Michael Gaffney

Muhammad Ali, Shadowboxing, 1977

By Michael Gaffney
About the image
"Most of the time, there were crowds of people surrounding the world's most famous person. This is one of those rare times I was alone with the Champ in Madison Square Garden, NY, as he worked on his hand and foot speed hours before the Earnie Shavers fight. Ali floated effortlessly in circles, gracefully dancing while grunting to power each snapping punch in the air. He always made it look so easy…elegance in motion."  - from THE CHAMP by Michael Gaffney

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Michael Gaffney's photographs are produced to order in Oregon, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Photographs are hand-signed and numbered by the photographer. Buyers will receive the next edition number unless a specific number has been confirmed in advance. Collector's will receive a certificate of authenticity upon delivery of the artwork.

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Buyers of any of Michael Gaffney's photographs will recieve a complimentary copy of his book THE CHAMP signed by the photographer. Please contact us with any questions!

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Muhammad Ali, Shadowboxing, 1977
Muhammad Ali, Shadowboxing, 1977