Eric Clapton & Pignose Amp, Hurtwood Edge, 1979
© Pattie Boyd

Eric Clapton & Pignose Amp, Hurtwood Edge, 1979

By Pattie Boyd
About the image
Eric Clapton sits on the patio at his home playing a 1975 blonde/white Fender Telecaster with a Pignose mini amplifier. Pattie took this photograph sometime in the summer of 1979, a few months after they were married in Tucson, AZ. They had a party to celebrate their wedding at Hurtwood Edge in May, and much ado has been made of the fact that three of the Beatles were in attendence. 

In 1999 Clapton recalled that he was gifted this guitar by a friend in the Bahamas while rehearsing for his upcoming second tour of Japan in 1975. He played this guitar on that tour although it did not see regular rotation during live performances much beyond that. His longtime guitar tech Lee Dickson remembers that he did later use this guitar in studio while making his hit record From the Cradle, in 1994. He sold this guitar among many others in the 1999 Christie's auction to benefit his Crossroads Rehabilitation Center.

Interestingly, Clapton has said that he recorded all of the guitar parts for his 1974 song Motherless Children using a Pignose. He sold this amp, along with many others at a second auction he organized to raise more funds for his Crossroads Recovery Centre in 2011. 

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Eric Clapton & Pignose Amp, Hurtwood Edge, 1979
Eric Clapton & Pignose Amp, Hurtwood Edge, 1979

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