Richard E. Aaron

b.1950 - d.2016
One of the best known rock photographers in the world, Richard E. Aaron was on-stage and backstage documenting some of the most important events in music history. His career as a rock 'n' roll photographer took him around the world - several times, in fact. But there were a couple of places that remained the same no matter what town he happened to be in that night - The Pit and Backstage. As a working professional photographer, these spaces were home to Richard the majority of evenings on any given week. When he wasn't shooting a live performance or backstage, Richard would work out of his studio, a Manhattan brownstone with 18 foot ceilings and 8-foot-high windows that was perfect for shooting in natural light. His studio was filled with a photographer's paraphernalia: strobe lights, umbrellas diffusers, light stands and tripods, and huge seamless rolls of paper.