(Portfolio 2013 Photo #11) Delhi, 1966
© Ringo Starr

(Portfolio 2013 Photo #11) Delhi, 1966

By Ringo Starr
About the image
'India was so far out. This is the first time we went - not when we went with Maharishi. We stopped in Delhi on the way back from the Philippines, and the British Airways people took us around.' 

Collector's Notes:
Ringo Starr's photographs are printed in the UK in one size/one edition only. Each beautiful archival pigment print photograph is hand-numbered and signed by Ringo. Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

All the proceeds from the sales of these photographs go to the Lotus Foundation, a charitiable organization founded by Ringo with his wife Barbara Bach to support a wide variety of causes and promote social welfare around the world.

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(Portfolio 2013 Photo #11) Delhi, 1966
(Portfolio 2013 Photo #11) Delhi, 1966