_Ringo & Paul, 1964
© Ringo Starr

_Ringo & Paul, 1964

By Ringo Starr
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'Paul and me. Timer shots are always weird because you don't know when it's going to go. When you're in hotels, you just look for things to do and have a bit of fun.The Beatles only ever had two rooms in a hotel; we'd always share. That's when you really get to know each other, when you're hanging out in the same room.'

Release Notes:
The PHOTOGRAPH Portfolio showcases Ringo's camera work in a series of museum-quality prints, reproduced from the negative for the first time. 

This photograph was first released in 2013 (Portfolio 2013, Photo #8).

All the proceeds from the sales of these photographs go to the Lotus Foundation, a charitiable organization founded by Ringo with his wife Barbara Bach to support a wide variety of causes and promote social welfare around the world.

Collector's Notes:
Ringo Starr's photographs are printed in the UK in one size/one edition only. Each beautiful archival pigment print photograph is hand-numbered and signed by Ringo.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: This signed, limited edition photograph is SOLD OUT. 

Occasionally we may have one available for resale from a private collector. Please contact us for the latest availability and pricing.

20" x 30" Sheet Size
Signed Limited edition (25)
Archival Pigment Print Photograph - SOLD OUT

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_Ringo & Paul, 1964
_Ringo & Paul, 1964

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