Dragons Garden IV - Sunrise, 2001
© Roger Dean

Dragons Garden IV - Sunrise, 2001

By Roger Dean
About the image
This landscape was inspired by a trip to Point Lobos, a coastal area near Carmel, California. It is a part of a series of pieces created for the cover of Us and Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Collector's Notes:
Roger Dean's fine-art limited edition prints were produced in the UK under his direct supervision. Each piece is hand-signed, titled, and numbered by Roger. On-site inventory varies, so artworks may ship from San Francisco or the UK, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery. Please contact us with any questions!

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Dragons Garden IV - Sunrise, 2001
Dragons Garden IV - Sunrise, 2001

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