Paul McCartney, Austria, 1965 (Ref.#B57)
© Roger Fritz

Paul McCartney, Austria, 1965 (Ref.#B57)

By Roger Fritz
About the image

This portrait of Paul McCartney was taken in mid-March, 1965 during a break in filming The Beatles help! in Obertauern, Austria.  He is in costume in his fur jacket - something he would no doubt prefer was faux.

Release Notes: 
Roger Fritz's series of Beatles photographs were first released in 2014. He offered each photograph in several sizes, each one as a signed limited edition. 

12" x 18" Sheet Size as a signed, limited edition of 50
16" x 24" Sheet Size as a signed, limited edition of 25
28" x 40" Sheet Size as a signed, limited edition of 20

Collector's Notes:
Upon his death, Roger left behind a very small archive of signed photographs that had been printed in preparation for exhibition and sale. We have a several pieces in our inventory, please contact us for the latest availability and prices! 

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery of their new artwork. 

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Paul McCartney, Austria, 1965 (Ref.#B57)
Paul McCartney, Austria, 1965 (Ref.#B57)

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