Chuck Berry II, 1988
© Ronnie Wood

Chuck Berry II, 1988

By Ronnie Wood
About the image

One of Ronnie Wood's most amusing memories of Chuck Berry is that he once witnessed him punched Keith Richards in the face.

"'I used to play with him quite a lot, and he’d always have to have the money up front in his guitar case and he’d leap straight from the stage with the guitar case full of money, throw it offstage and into the cab. Once Keith was there in the audience and Chuck came off stage and Keith ran up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, at which Chuck turned round and went whack and smashed Keith in the eye, gave him a big black eye.

He said "What you do that for? I was only trying to say hello, Chuck"'.

It could have been the start of a nasty fight between the pair, but instead, Wood said, Richards, 68, was 'proud' of the black eye." -- Ronnie Wood

This serigraph is taken partly from a woodcut (the background image) and a drawing (the foreground image), both of which Ronnie created based on a famous photograph. The multicolor style and composition make this an appealing piece of pop art. This is state two of two.

Release Notes:
This limited edition print was published in 1988. Each museum-quality artwork was hand titled, signed, and numbered by Ronnie Wood shortly thereafter.

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Ronnie Wood's fine art limited edition prints have been very popular with collectors around the world for many years.

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23" x 30" Paper Size
Signed Limited edition (150)
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Chuck Berry II, 1988
Chuck Berry II, 1988

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