Eric Clapton I - Crossroads, 1988
© Ronnie Wood

Eric Clapton I - Crossroads, 1988

By Ronnie Wood
About the image
This famous image Ronnie painted for the inside cover of Eric Clapton's Crossroads album box-set released in 1988.  Ronnie also created the painting of Eric playing Blackie used on the front cover of the box.  

Collector's Notes:
This image was published in two editions: A "Regular" edition of 250 numbered prints signed by Ronnie Wood and a "Deluxe" edition of C (100 Roman Numeraled) prints all co-signed by Ronnie Wood AND Eric Clapton.

All of the prints from both editions have been sold out since the mid-1990s. Occasionally we will have one come up for sale from a previous collector. Please contact us if you would like to know more, or would like us to contact you if one becomes available!

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Eric Clapton I - Crossroads, 1988
Eric Clapton I - Crossroads, 1988

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