Flat Bed Truck - Canvas Collector's Edition, 2004
© Ronnie Wood

Flat Bed Truck - Canvas Collector's Edition, 2004

By Ronnie Wood
About the image

Back in 1975, the Stones held a press conference in New York City to announce their upcoming tour. The band surprised the throng of waiting reporters by playing "Brown Sugar" on the back of a flatbed truck in the middle of Manhattan traffic, a technique Charlie Watts - the band's drummer -  borrowed from New Orleans jazz bands to promote upcoming dates. This image celebrates that historic moment in rock and roll history.

Fans and collectors of this piece may get a kick out of this photograph of this unique event.

Release Notes:
This limited edition print was published in 1995. Each museum-quality artwork was hand titled, signed, and numbered by Ronnie Wood shortly thereafter.

Collector's Edition Series:
Continuing the tradition set with his Forty Licks Canvas Collector's Edition release in 2003-04, Ronnie produced this image as a special "Collector's Edition" limited run on canvas. The series is limited to 118 pieces, corresponding to the number of performances on the Licks Tour from 2002-2003.

With each subsequent "Collector's Edition", the collectors who first purchased the Forty Licks canvases gained exclusive early-access to the new canvas pieces as they were released, so they could purchase the matching edition numbers.

Collector's Notes:
Ronnie Wood's fine art limited edition prints have been very popular with collectors around the world for many years.

This edition is SOLD OUT.

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29" x 39" Stretched Canvas
Signed Limited edition (118)
Archival Pigment Print Print - Sold Out

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Flat Bed Truck - Canvas Collector's Edition, 2004
Flat Bed Truck - Canvas Collector's Edition, 2004

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