Keith Pensive - Canvas, 2008
© Ronnie Wood

Keith Pensive - Canvas, 2008

By Ronnie Wood
About the image
This classic image of Keith Richards is significantly set against a deep blue background, giving us the iconic rocker surrounded by the blues. It shows Keith hanging close to the drums, which is where he likes to be, locking in with Charlie Watts' driving beat and ringing snare drum, forming the foundation of the Stones' ferocious rhythms. 

Something all collectors love about Ronnie's art is his masterful renditions of guitars, and here again is the classic rhythm guitar in the hands of the world's most famous rhythm guitarist.  

Release Notes:
This is a signed, limited edition print on canvas produced in two sizes. They are designed to be hung with or without a frame.

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Keith Pensive - Canvas, 2008
Keith Pensive - Canvas, 2008

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