Keith Richards in Repose, c. 2007
© Ronnie Wood

Keith Richards in Repose, c. 2007

By Ronnie Wood
About the image
This original painting of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards started as a study sketched during rehearsal. Ronnie remembers this particular moment vividly, as he was taken by how lost in deep thought Keith was. Every time he looked back at the study and now painting, it reminded him of why he loves Keith as a subject in his work, as the guitar legend is a complex individual with more depth then meets the casual eye.

This original painting did become a fabulous limited edition print on canvas, you can see it here: 
Keith Pensive - Canvas, 2008

Collector's Notes:
This original illustration was featured in SFAE's Ronnie Wood Original Paintings and Drawings gallery exhibition in 2008. 

48" x 72" Artwork Size
Acrylic painting and pastel on paper
Signed, Original artwork - SOLD

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Keith Richards in Repose, c. 2007
Keith Richards in Repose, c. 2007

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