The Others - Mick (Original), c. 2002
© Ronnie Wood

The Others - Mick (Original), c. 2002

By Ronnie Wood
About the image

An acrylic and pastel painting of Ronnie Wood's friend and fellow bandmate, Mick Jagger. Ronnie has commented in the past that Mick is sometimes difficult to paint because his face is always changing from one moment to the next. This particular portrait captures the complexity in that face, as the Stones vocalist appears conflicted and torn by some past event. 

Collector's Notes:
This original painting was featured in SFAE's Ronnie Wood Original Paintings and Drawings gallery exhibition in 2008. 

15" x 19" Artwork Size
Acrylic & Pastel on paper
Signed original artwork - SOLD

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The Others - Mick (Original), c. 2002
The Others - Mick (Original), c. 2002

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