The Range Folio, 2005
© Ronnie Wood

The Range Folio, 2005

By Ronnie Wood
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As the world has come to know Ronnie Wood, we have learned that this is an artist with great dimension.  In the wake of one blockbuster edition after another, the true depth of his work may easily be missed by new collectors. And this is why Ronnie chose to assemble a carefully selected portfolio of works that, as one, give a sense of the many sides of Ronnie Wood, the artist. Not only in subject, but as well in artistic schools of style and choice of medium and diverse printing techniques.

The Range Folio:
In this portfolio, Ronnie Wood demonstrates his range as an artist, both in subject matter and materials. The Range Folio consists of a Nude Study, a Jimi Hendrix Woodblock, an Irish  Landscape, and a bold Rhino portrait. Individual pieces from this folio are rare as the majority were only availble in the set.

Release Notes:
This limited edition print was published in 2005. Each museum-quality artwork was hand titled, signed, and numbered by Ronnie Wood shortly thereafter.

Collector's Notes:
Ronnie Wood's fine art limited edition prints have been very popular with collectors around the world for many years.

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15" x 20" Paper Size (each)
Signed Limited edition (175)
Serigraph Print Suite (4 pc) - Sold Out

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The Range Folio, 2005
The Range Folio, 2005

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