The Rolling Stones Suite I - Charlie Watts, 1988
© Ronnie Wood

The Rolling Stones Suite I - Charlie Watts, 1988

By Ronnie Wood
About the image

This portrait of Charlie Watts is somewhat uncharacteristic as Ronnie has captured the drummer with a playful expression on his face. Usually portrayed as thoughtful, here Ronnie reveals a more lighthearted side of Charlie.

A drypoint etching is made by first scratching a design into a metal plate (such as copper) with a sharp stylus or needle. The plate is then inked and pressed onto paper to create the final artwork.

The Rolling Stones Suite I:
Ronnie Wood created this set of drypoint etchings very early in his career as an artist. His passion for print-making fueled a great variety of media and formats in the late-1980s. This suite is comprised of  five portraits, one of each of the Stones lineup at the time including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, and himself.

Release Notes:
This limited edition print was published in 1988. Each museum-quality artwork was hand titled, signed, and numbered by Ronnie Wood shortly thereafter.

Collector's Notes:
Ronnie Wood's fine art limited edition prints have been very popular with collectors around the world for many years.

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16" x 20" Paper Size
​Signed Limited edition (150)
Drypoint Etching Print - Sold Out

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The Rolling Stones Suite I - Charlie Watts, 1988
The Rolling Stones Suite I - Charlie Watts, 1988

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