Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, 2006/2019
© Sebastian Krüger

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, 2006/2019

By Sebastian Krüger
About the image

Of this world-renowned, German-born artist's signature work, the London Times has written, “Kruger has a genius for capturing the essence of his subjects.” Nowhere is that praise more true than in this charming and nostalgic rendering of early screen icons Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Seen from the back, faces obscured, bowler hats perched, there is no mistaking the identity of these legendary film comedians as they sit entranced by the magic of cinema. 

Sebastian Krüger's subjects are generally artists he admires and his portraits, while caricatures, always contain a great deal of kindness while at the same time thoroughly subverting "the world of beautiful appearances." This contradiction is at the heart of Krüger's work, a characteristic that has made him extremely popular with art connoisseurs all over the world. 

Release Notes:
The canvas edition was published in 2006 during Krüger's debut North American exhibition tour.

  • Each canvas print is hand-embellished by the artist,

  • Ships flat to preserve the artwork's delicate surface.

The paper edition was published in 2019.

  • Printed in 4 colors on museum board.

  • ​Ships flat.

Collector's Notes:
​Sebastian Krüger's fine art prints are produced in Germany, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist.

Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity following delivery.

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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, 2006/2019
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, 2006/2019

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