*Fab Four Portrait - Ringo Starr, Liverpool, 1963
© Shahrokh Hatami

*Fab Four Portrait - Ringo Starr, Liverpool, 1963

By Shahrokh Hatami
About the image
A portrait of Ringo Starr, one of the most proficient and remarkably reliable drummers in the history of rock and roll. Starr established a new approach to rhythm in popular music during his career with the Beatles that continues to grow in its significance and influence, as new generations listen to the Fab Four for the first time. He now tours as Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. 

Hatami was sent to Liverpool by Paris Match magazine to cover the Beatlemania phenomenon, where he managed to gain access backstage at the legendary Cavern Club and shot several amazing images of the "Fab Four" both together and individually, as seen here.

Release Notes:
This photograph is from a portrait series capturing each of The Beatles individually, and it has been produced in one size/one edition of twenty-five pieces. The entire edition was printed, signed, and numbered by Shahrokh Hatami prior to his death in 2017.

This archival pigment print features a soft matte finish and is printed on soft white paper.

Collector's Notes:
Out of this edition, only five (of each of the individual portraits) have been made available for sale as single photographs. The rest are reserved for sale as matched-number suites or portfolios - seen here: Fab Four Portrait Suite

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*Fab Four Portrait - Ringo Starr, Liverpool, 1963
*Fab Four Portrait - Ringo Starr, Liverpool, 1963