John Lennon - New York, 2011
© Stephen Holland

John Lennon - New York, 2011

By Stephen Holland
About the image
John Lennon illustrated by Stephen Holland in the iconic "New York" t-shirt, based on the famous photograph taken by Bob Gruen on August 29, 1974.  The shot was captured on the roof of his rented apartment on East 52nd Street. Lennon needed a cover and some publicity shots for his upcoming album Walls and Bridges, and had worked with Gruen before, so they arranged a quick session which produced several popular images.

Release Notes:

These canvas box-prints are printed to be hung as is or with a simple frame surround (with no glass).
They measure about 1.5 inches deep and must be shipped flat.

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John Lennon - New York, 2011
John Lennon - New York, 2011